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Corporate Support and Due Diligence    


When shares or assets of a business are being sold it is important for potential purchasers to know exactly what it is they are buying. It is equally important for sellers to make sure that they are only selling what they want to sell.

Pemberton Reid can undertake a due diligence exercise to examine what intellectual property is being sold, investigate the ownership of the intellectual property, check whether there any agreements in place relating to the use of the intellectual property and identify any discrepancies between what the seller is selling and what the purchaser thinks he is buying.

Pemberton Reid will provide a report on the findings to enable both the purchaser and seller to evaluate how the sale should proceed.

Pemberton Reid can prepare the documents that are necessary to effect the transfer of ownership of the intellectual property, as well as preparing confidentiality agreements to ensure that any business information disclosed prior to a sale being completed is not misused.

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